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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SUMO R3 Power Performance Semi synthetic Engine Oil 10W-40 SM/CF

SUMO R3 Power Performance Semi synthetic Engine Oil 10W-40 SM/CF is a multigrade semi-synthetic oil with the highest performances. The best base oils obtained in the result of the hydroracking synthetic and exclusive package of additives were used for its production. It is the best semi-synthetic oil. The charateristics of oil significantly of oil significantly exceed the operational requirements of auto manufactures.
Power reliability and economy are always on a high level due to the patented formula of the special modern additives, which is a part of the composition of the SUMO R3 Power Performance engine oil. The use of the special additives is acknowledged to be a groundbreaking direction in saving energy and resources.
It is especially efficient for all-season use in engines of cars, including modern ones(multi-valve with turbo and diesel engines with the direct injection).
Provides stable high protective properties during engine break-in and during the main period of engine running.
Saves fuel due to the reduction of waste on friction, in particular during the engine start and when idling.
Guarantees prolonged engine resources of both a new car and car with mileage due to the resource saving effect of the special additives. Keeps the engine perfectly clean.

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